We believe in
inspiring business

Why us

Meet Winston, our studio horse. Designed and produced for a charity auction, we liked him to much so up went our hand and Winston stayed in our stables.
Our Services
We create, coordinate and deliver a diverse range of creative capability

Design thinking

Inspiring Purpose
Strategic Development
Business Storytelling
Strategic development
Visual modelling
Conceptual prototyping

Design doing

Brand identity
Graphic design
Retail design
Spatial design
Cultural engagement
Packaging design
Publication Design
Creative Pitches
Sales Documentation

Talk is cheap, action costs a little more

We are happy to meet and talk through any challenge. We don’t believe you should have to buy off of a promise alone, so welcome the opportunity to scope a challenge or opportunity and share with you how we might approach the solution. We have a number of different charging models and are always happy to back ourselves into a result.

Contact Derek to talk about how Misterwolf can help your business.

Derek Lockwood  — 021 953 177
65 Gaunt Street, Auckland 1010

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